Going white for #blackwednesdays

I am an advocate for #blackwednesdays, but tomorrow, I am wearing white because of my faith.

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement is the holiest day of the year in the Jewish faith. It is a day of solemn reflection, during which we atone for our sins and ask forgiveness (both from God and from people) so that we may begin the New Year with a clean slate and a refreshed soul.

On Yom Kippur, it is customary to wear white. There are several reasons for this. As Jews are traditionally buried in plain white shrouds with no adornments, wearing white serves to remind us of man’s mortality and the need for repentance. We want to remain cognizant of the ephemeral state of our lives, so that we are motivated to be honest with ourselves, with others, and with God while we still have the opportunity. Wearing white also emulates the purity of the angels, as we spend the entire day fasting and in deep prayer. In this state, we strive to ascend to the lightness, transparency, and holiness of the angels. Cleansing ourselves spiritually and mentally, allows us to enter the New Year with a fresh start, so that we may be kinder, more loving, and better people.

I will wear white tomorrow as a symbol of my religion, but also to recognize the victims of police brutality. I pray the victims of police brutality and their families will be reinvigorated with awareness, safety, and peace of mind. Finally, I pray that I, and all Jews can become better allies for the victims of police brutality and the black community. 

Adapted from supporter Joanna Levick
Contact: joannalevick@gmail.com

While #blackwednesdays is specifically focused on advocating for communities of color affected by police brutality and discriminatory legislation, our network of advocates represents and respects all races, religions, sexual orientations, and experiences. We are also passionate about self-care to combat the aftermath of brutality and unfair treatment. Self-care can be achieved through activities like participating in religious services or holidays, therapy, working out, or even meeting up with a friend.

Find what works for you and do what you can to make a change!


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