Carol’s Reflection


November 9, 2016

The Day After…

And so it was, on this day, Americans choose Donald Trump for President.

How did we arrive here? It feels a though we are stepping back into the Stone Age. Personally, I am having a crisis of faith.  Everything my parents and Christian family taught me counts for nothing. Numerous family members and friends seemingly accept everything that falls from his lips and overlook his “embarrassing” gaffes as some sort of political spectacle that we are not meant to take seriously. He has defamed and degraded almost every cultural and gender group, except the mainstream whites. He preaches fear and hate; participates in sexual predation; cheats on his women; spouts  filthy language; has temper tantrums; passes the buck; takes no responsibility for his actions because it is always someone else’s fault; challenges the very system our democracy was built on, calling our elections rigged, except for this time, in which case, they worked fine. The lies spill from his lips like water over Niagara Falls, but none of that matters to the American majority and the Christian Right. What am I supposed to do with that???

Everything I Believed about the decency and integrity of America is a lie. Nothing matters except for White Might makes Right. Presidents come and go, and he won’t last forever, but the harsh realization within me about close friends and family and their different “values” will always haunt me. Decency is not something to be valued; integrity is not something to be valued; responsibility is not to be valued; respect is not valued. Scrap loving one another or treating others as you want to be treated.  And don’t be concerned with future generations having a healthy planet.  Weep not for the poor, destitute, or those who dare to be different. Bring on the internment camps and purge our lands from all who would be a plague on our society. Whiteness is your privilege, so wear it like a badge of honor!

Instead, embrace the new values we represent:

Sexual promiscuity, sexual harassment, lying, avoiding your civic responsibility, cheating, bullying, racism/discrimination- all ok now. No more worries about sexual misconduct on our campuses or in our schools and workplaces. And if you need to lie to better your circumstances, no problem there.

Want to tear someone down?  Bullying is totally ok. Cheat on your partners? Or cheat your employees? Totally acceptable. This is a new America.

How did Trump win? Perhaps because he tapped into the taboo characteristics and attitudes many secretly harbored, but now can be free to embrace because we voted the in the man who embodies them all!

Like Rome, we will crumble from within…within our hateful hearts. The teachings of Jesus Christ were on trial here, and America crucified Him again.

Contributed by: Woke Carol

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