#blackwednesdays is a powerful and accessible way to protest the ongoing murders of and brutality against black and brown committed by people by law enforcement.

#blackwednesdays was created as a means to express whatever emotion you may have surrounding incidents of police murder and is a tool for drawing awareness to police brutality in any space that you are in.  Wearing black on Wednesdays is not only an act of solidarity, it is a way for us to remain cognizant of the ongoing civil rights violations occurring in every corner of the United States at the hands of ill trained and biased police officers.

As a part of #blackwednesdays we will also provide weekly action items, self care tips, and information about victims devoid of racist media bias.

We will continually outline strategic initiatives to introduce local measures to address police brutality, so stay tuned on ways to affect change in your community!

How you can participate:

1. Wear black on Wednesdays and share on social using the hashtags #blackwednesdays & #blkwednesdays

2. Follow us on social media for updates and to share your photos, information and comments

3. Visit the #wednesdayword for the latest action items and blog posts.

4. Add to the #blackjoy and express yourself through music.  Add to the #blackwednesdays playlist on spotify

5. Send suggestions for advancing #blackwednesdays to blackwednesdaysmovement@gmail.com.  We welcome any ideas for ways to translate #blackwednesdays into a change agent in your community